Creative Bead Embroidery

The curriculum comprises 1 optional level (Introductory project) and 6 certified levels: Basic 1, Basic 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

Summary list of competencies to be achieved in the program:
a) Practical Skills
    1.    Simple stitches with varied numbers and types of beads.
2.    Laying lines of beads in varied context.
3.   Couching lines of beads and working with comas.
4.   Apply raised effects in varied contexts.
5.   Apply scattered effects in varied contexts.
6.   Creating bead circles.
7.   Mastering stitch directions – vertical, horizontal, diagonal.
8.   Achieving smooth curves.
9.   Achieving good points and corners.
10. Achieving dimensions through colour and design considerations.
11. Constructing and finishing projects.

b) Knowledge
1.   Understand threads and bead types, categories and their characters
2.   Understand and apply beads to set design
3.   Understand the principle governing stitch length, stitch direction, stitch placement and their application in varied context
4.   Understand pin stitches
5.   Understand characteristics of ground fabric and their applications for best project outcome
6.   Create dimensions through use of colours and bead choices
7.   Understand stitch and fabric tensions
8.   Make technique choices for best design outcomes

Note: Project listing for each category will be updated from time to time. Projects can also be made into items other than that shown. This is to be discussed with Margaret.

Introductory (optional level)
Basic 1
Basic 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Advanced 1
Advanced 2

This final piece will be a mutually agreed design for which the stitcher must apply and exhibit the skills and knowledge acquired in earlier projects.