Chinese Silk Embroidery

The program in Chinese embroidery offered by Margaret comprises of 5 levels:

  1. Foundation Level
  2. Intermediate Level
  3. Advanced Level
  4. Double Sided
  5. Practical Embroidery

The order in which the selected pieces are stitched will depend on your project choice. Once selected, you will be guided on the sequence in which they will be stitched.

Additional information on courses and venues, please see Classes.

Foundation Level

At the Foundation level, participants will learn to handle the silk threads, learn essential foundation techniques and hone their skills in these techniques through projects carefully selected to progress and prepare for more advanced applications later.

Intermediate Level

At the Intermediate level, participants will acquire and learn additional techniques that will involve more advanced applications such as double sided embroidery (see example of Panda in picture gallery) and random stitch embroidery. Stitching animals will be introduced and also more complicated flowers, birds and other motifs.

Advanced Level

At the Advanced level, design considerations will be incorporated into the program. Participants will also stitched portraits, still life and other advanced/complicated designs that require a sophisticated  and high level of understanding and application of the techniques. These will round off and equip participants, who have progressed through the stages, with a comprehensive understanding of this renown style of Chinese embroidery.

Double Sided
Practical Embroidery