Japanese Embroidery - Special Workshop August/September 2017

Small Bouquet

At our special workshop gathering this year, we will be reviewing in detail two projects: Noh Fan Series - Peony Fan and Kumihimo Diamond with Circle Motifs; pictured below:

Kumihimo Diamond with Circle Motifs
Noh Fan Screen - Peony

These special workshops are convened every two years. The class projects are mutually discussed and selected with the participants and key learning points for the pieces are   identified for discussion. These workshops are lively and stimulating as we discuss the elements of the designs and the how, when, why and what of the related embroidery process.  Each participant bring to the workshop their experience, knowledge and personal sensitivity. The aim is that, through the process of sharing and discussions, we will individually and collectively further develop and grow in our Nuido journey (Japanese Embroidery).


The inaugural workshop was held in 2013. At this workshop, we reviewed the first of the Noh Fan series- Iris Fan:

Noh Fan Screen - Iris

At the second workshop in 2015, the project, Small Bouquet, was selected. This was an interesting project as no sample picture or box chart were available for the design.  Each participant selected their preferred colour for the ground fabric and colour scheme for the design elements based on their personal sensitivity toward the piece.  It was a stimulating and thought provoking workshop.

I had opted to do mine in a predominantly monochromatic scheme and made my own twisted metallic threads to translate the visuals in my mind for the piece.  Whilst this piece was completed in 2015, I had not shown it on my website until now.

Small Bouquet

We look forward to the end of August, when we will again welcome Australian and international participants to Adelaide as we gather together, yet again, for a time of  fellowship, mutual learning and sharing in our Nuido journey.

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