Alpine Marmot 

Marmot 1

This little animal is an unlikely subject for Chinese Embroidery as it is not an animal associated with China or Chinese culture.

It does, however, allow us to showcase the versatility of Chinese Art Embroidery.  Here is the story as to how the alpine marmot became a curriculum piece in our Chinese Art Embroidery program.

In 2014, the class group in France was getting ready to progress to the second level within the Intermediate program.  At this stage of the program, the project theme is small animal where the focus is on stitching realistic animals and fur.

One of the pieces offered at this level is Playful Kitten.  However not everyone is a cat lover.  The class was given the opportuynity to select an alternative project and thus was born the Alpine Marmot.

The picture was supplied by Marie Madeleine Jounneau.  It was taken by a friend of hers while hiking in the French Alps.

The Alpine Marmot project is a more challenging piece than Playful Kitten and includes advanced application of stitch techniques.  The learning points in the project are equivalent to two combined progressive levels of study.  The rock on which the marmot sits is, in itself, a whole learning level.  The other challenge is to capture and portray the nature and fur of the marmot correctly.  

This project uses both Random Stitch Embroidery and Traditional techniques.

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